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Thoughts of the week


IMG_9856 As the temperatures begin to dip and the days get darker, our bodies seem to sense the change before we do. Some of us start noticing aches and pains that pop-up out of no where or maybe begin to feel lethargic or depressed. Misery loves company so don’t think you are the only one. Here is how to TRY and view it…

On those days that you feel completely unmotivated or exhausted when you haven’t done anything, think of how the heater works in your car. When driving to work in chilly temperatures, of course you may blast the heat, but then you shut it off once it gets too hot. That is kind of what we all do. We go through those periods where we are excited about working out—lifting way too much weight, running way too fast or just not taking a rest day. Then we STOP.

What if we just lowered the heat and turned down the blower to a comfortable setting? Rather than turning it on and off. The same goes for us. What if we just settled on a couple days a week, with a reasonable routine? A routine that will give us some challenge, but not have us sore for the entire week. This way, we can maintain a steady schedule of movement. We would also handle the winter blues better because we would feel better. Which would probably make our homes run more efficiently because we are in a better head space. We all KNOW—when mama’s not happy, nobody is!