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Current Specials*

Recurring Payments and  Savings 

You can pay for classes online through PayPal AND we offer an Automatic Payment Program.

With the exception of our Automatic Payment Program, you DO NOT need to have a PayPal account. Any credit card will suffice.
Other AUTO-PAY options can be found on our rates page.


AUTO-PAY  AND Unlimited Packages Rate Terms Buy Now
1 Year Commitment AUTO-PAY Monthly and a saving of over $500 from regular yearly price $115/month per Individual with a $35 setup fee Unlimited classes for 1 year



Class Cards Rate Terms Buy Now
25  Class Card $389 25 CLASSES, NO EXPIRATION!


YogaSpa is turning 15 on Thursday, March 17th!!!


We are very proud of our yoga family and look forward to continued health, growth and prosperity throughout the coming years.

As a special thank you, all classes are FREE on Thursday, March 17th!


Here are some celebratory specials and a thank you for your continued support:


10  15 Class Card (1 month exp.) - $169(normally 10 - 5 bonus classes!-$11.26/class) undefined

 10 15 Class Card (2 month exp.) - $190(normally 10 - 5 bonus classes!-$12.66/class) undefined

100 115 Class Card (1 year exp.) - $839(normally 100 - 15 bonus classes!-$7.29/class) undefined

Specials are not subject to further discounts and available for purchase until March 31, 2016

Gift Cards are always available

 *Specials are non-transferable, cannot be put on hold, cannot be combined with any other offer and are not subject to further  discounts.